Short story in print and online

In the Wild Spaces

You can now order my newly published short story, Indonesia Jazz, online through 34th Parallel Magazine, a literary mag out of California. It’s the story of a man and his love of jazz, narrated by a young woman who meets him on her way to New York.


34th Parallel Magazine did a beautiful job with the story and the digital treatment looks great. If I remember correctly from the proofs, it’s a six-page spread, which is pretty flattering in my opinion.


You can find the story here, complete with huge photos of me (a little embarrassing, and one photo got distorted somehow so I look like I have a skin disease, but oh well)! As I said, the mag did a really awesome treatment of the story.

I wrote Indonesia Jazz as an assignment for one of my classes in the Professional Writing program at MacEwan, which…

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