The Editor

Do you have an essay, thesis, paper, manual, webpage, book or other writing that needs to be edited?

If so, I’m happy to work with you! I will ask you to send 3-5 pages of the work you need edited so I  can do a sample edit. From that sample, I can give you a quote of how long it will take me to edit your work and how much I will charge you. All editing can be done via email, especially if you are comfortable with the ‘Track Changes” and “Comments” functions in Microsoft Word or Open Office. I am also available for Skype or in-person discussions if you prefer and will charge my normal rate.

Who is Aspen the editor?

In the simplest terms, I’m a nurturer. I work with passionate, creative people who have something to say. I work with business people who want to communicate their key messages. I love collaborative sessions where you share your wild, creative, passionate vision and ideas.

Together we’ll draw out the key essence of your work to create distilled communication that comes from your heart and soul. I want to help you share your inner voice with the world.

Being a wild and creative type myself, I understand the importance of nurturing and mothering the creative spirit while being a grounding force. In the same way I plant a seedling and carefully nurture it until it is able to grow on its own, I hope to provide you and your work with a strong foundation of roots from which you can grow outward. I will continue to work with you as long as you need to create beautiful and polished writing to present to the world.

What is structural editing?

If you don’t know what structural (also known as substantive) editing is, Rosemary Shipton, respected Canadian editor, recently offered a good analogy to help people understand. According to Shipton, editing is like renovating a home (or visit the EAC Definition of Terms).

Copyediting is like the cosmetic repairs you would do to a house–painting, adding crown moulding, planting beautiful flowers and adding asthetic appeal to the house. This would include fixing spelling, grammar and mechanical errors and making the copy look good.

Structural editing, then, is like the structural renovations you do–moving and taking out walls, putting a set of stairs or new doors and windows; anything that changes the structure and internal layout of the house. Similarly, structural editing can change the structure and internal layout of your writing. I might suggest you move paragraphs around or perhaps move the first chapter to the end or take a middle chapter out.

I’m happy to do both, but since I specialize in structural editing, fixing spelling and punctuation isn’t my main goal unless you specifically request it–in which case it will be included in the price quote.

If you have any more questions about what happens when you hire me as an editor, please feel free to contact me using the form below.

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