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Why I write

I love to read. Reading has always been an all-consuming passion. It serves many purposes, but reading has always been a part of my life. Reading has also changed my life more than once, in very deep ways.

That is why I write, because I dream of writing something that can change the lives of other people like reading has changed my life. I want to be an instrument of change, healing, education, self-improvement, escape, fantasy, whatever you need most. I write to give back what I receive from reading. Words are a gift and I love to receive them and I love to give them.

So where does editing fit in? I love to edit as well. I love to create order from chaos, to create meaning and beauty and depth where perhaps there was none, or less, before. I love to polish, improve, clarify–make even better what was good before. Because I am passionate about words, passionate about language and communication and reading and writing. These things create, with their deepest essence, connection.

Reading and writing connect two people and create a connection where there wasn’t one before. Words open doors, they are mightier than the sword, they create solutions and build bridges and bring dreams to bear.

Reading is a gift and writing and editing are what I give in return.


For samples of my writing voice and style, please visit the links below from my time as a reporter with the Edmonton Examiner. You can also buy some of my short stories.


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Aboriginal art

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Edmonton woman, victim of assault, finds salvation

Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation

Crown prosecutor makes a case against sexual assault

Michael Strembitsky School

Strathcona School

Inaugral Daughters Day celebration

Centre for Lung Health

If you are interested in reading more of Gainer’s articles from the Examiner, please search ‘Aspen Gainer’ at

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